Mariner's Christian School


Mangic is always looking for fun and creative ways to help communities. And this year is no exception.

Mangic is literally taking its charity to new heights as key sponsors (and pilots) of Mariners Christian School’s Fourth Annual Golf Ball Drop.


A Hole in One

So what is a golf drop? It starts with specially-numbered golf balls that students sell throughout the community for $10.00 a piece. Once the balls are sold, Mangic’s very own Mike Manclark loads them onto his helicopter and air lifts them atop hundreds of cheering students and parents. Once he circles in low enough, Mike unleashes a flurry of golf balls  as they’re dumped overboard. The owner of the ball landing closest to the target wins a prize!

But the real winner is the school. The kids and their families are treated to an exhilarating event, and best of all, all money raised goes to the MCS Tuition Scholarship Program.

More about Golf Ball Drops

Get on the Ball!

Purchase your golf balls for an opportunity to win exciting prizes and give towards the MCS Tuition Scholarship Program. The more balls you purchase, the better your odds, and all proceeds benefit the school.