Emergency Children's Hostel

Bahamas, Nassau


Children’s Emergency Hostel

Changing lives and Inspiring Hope

When MANGIC’s Founder Mike Manclark and his family toured the Children’s Emergency Hostel in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, they were immensely touched with the experience. In desperate need for improvements, the facility lacked proper appliances and living supplies, and was devoid of color and happiness. The government’s inability to fund anything other than the bare necessities was clearly evident.

By the time his family left, there wasn’t a dry eye among them. At that moment, Mike Manclark committed to transforming the orphanage and forever change the lives of those between its neglected walls. Fuelled by his personal time and money, Mike  immediately began work on getting the emergency hostel back on its feet.

Tangible, logical donations

With a focus on results and not just money, the MANGIC Foundation donated new air conditioning units, interior and exterior paint, toys, a new playground and a safety fall area. The MANGIC team removed and replaced broken refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and other kitchen equipment. Additional kitchen repairs and improvements were made and a surround sound AV system was added to the mix. Lastly, new furniture and other repairs were made throughout the property. The children and staff were in pure amazement.

Changes in Attitude

Of all the changes made, Mike Manclark believes the most important and gratifying one was how the renovations inspired the children’s creativity and sense of hope. That impact is one that will last for many, many years.

Part of that inspiration was driven not just by improving the children’s facilities, but by broadening their horizons. To create much needed love and fun, MANGIC took the children to McDonalds on a bus for their first Big Mac, a trip to the beach for the day with lunch to play on water toys and a special movie night filled with popcorn, candy and little Teddy Bears for each child on our last night at the facility.

As a result of MANGIC’s success at the Children’s Emergency Hostel, local media visited and the Minister of the Bahamas was contacted.

Help from the Top

Working directly with the Minster of the Bahamas, MANGIC identified six additional Hostels in the Commonwealth that could benefit from the Foundation’s help and lasting support. They include:

  • The Nazareth Center (Children ages 0-11 years)
  • Bilney Lane Children Home (Children ages 2-12 years)
  • The Ranfurly Homes for Children (Children ages 11-18 years)
  • The Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home (Children ages 11-18)
  • Colby House for Boys (Transitional Home)
  • Old Bight Mission Home (Children ages 6-11 years)

Together, MANGIC is seeking to build a foundation to create scholarships for the orphaned and/or abused children living at these hostels.

Being that the Bahamas is a foreign country and to ensure the changes had a lasting impact, MANGIC hired a local resident, Mark, who grew up in the very same Hostel 25 years earlier. Mark assisted with logistics such as hiring contractors, transportation, shopping, etc. And Mike’s young daughter traveled along with him, resulting in a life-changing experience for her as well as the Director of the Hostel, Mark and most the children.

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Manclark Family Sponsored Children

Through his family’s church, Mike Manclark found six children to sponsor and adopt. Two of them, sadly, with AIDS. The program that our church established is one of commitment as you must provide for each child’s food, clothing, school costs and care until 18 years of age. Mike discussed the commitment, not only financially but emotionally as a family and made the decision to help six children in three different countries, India, Uganda and El Salvador. The family is now making plans to visit each one personally over the coming months.

Our involvement in these children’s lives also takes them from some of the region’s poorest villages and partners them with Christian based local programs and provides them with healthy, safe living and extra tutoring so they succeed in school and in long term life.

Mike Manclark’s family regularly writes back and forth to them and sends little home made crafts and gifts to them on special occasions, birthdays and holidays. The drawings and letters they receive are truly precious and the family will follow and support them to adulthood and beyond.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of the Lord is this, to reach out to the orphans and widows in need and to obey the Lord’s commands.” – James 1:27