The Mangic Foundation: a group of missions, fueled by the same passionate drive and creativity used for success in the business world, applied to making real change in the real world.

Mangic believes in –

  • Hands-on work

  • Giving people a hand up

  • Making a tangible difference in the lives of those we help

That’s the Mangic way. Come join us in making a difference.

Act Locally. Join the Mangic Foundation.

Mangic Missions

OV-10 Squadron

OV-10 Squadron

The OV-10 Squadron is committed to the restoration and continued support of flying the Bronco with seven OV-10 Broncos.

Miramar Air Show

Each September, MANGIC rolls out the red carpet for America’s heroes and their families at one of the greatest air shows on the planet.

Children's Emergency Hostel

Watch as we bring color, hope and lasting change to some of the most impoverished orphanages.

Semper Fi Fund

Mangic foundation & founders raised & donated substantially, going directly to the hands of injured marines.
Girls Inc of Orange County

Girls, Inc.

Mangic underwites a 10-week program for 12 girls of Girls, Inc., ensuring each group reaches their highest potential.

Scholarships & Schools

We’re using high-flying resources in innovative ways to help schools with scholarships and buying the tools our youth need to excel.
Uganda & El Salvador Water Projects

Water Projects

Building water wells so children don’t have to walk up to three miles a day to get dirty, parasite-infected water for drinking and bathing.

Mosaic Vision Child Adoption

Through Mosaic, we’re adopting children from the world’s poorest regions and giving them the tools they need to thrive.